Central Ohio Therapy Services, LLC - Therapy Services for Children

Cancellation Policy

At Central Ohio Therapy Services, we believe that consistent therapy along with a partnership of family members following a home program designed for your child is the key to success.  Because of this, we have the following cancellation policy in place.

If a child cancellations or 'no shows' 3 of 5 consecutive appointments, they may be asked to leave Central Ohio Therapy Services and locate therapy elsewhere. 

There are always exceptions, but please try to cancel your scheduled appointment as soon as possible by calling 740-475-9666 at any time or by emailing centralohiotherapy@gmail.com up to the day before your scheduled appointment. 

Sometimes there are circumstances that are out of a family's control, like prolonged hospitalizations or recovery periods after illness.  These issues will be looked at on a case by case basis.  If a child has a prolonged absence, we will make every effort to hold the child's therapy treatment time, but Central Ohio Therapy Services reserves the right to offer this treatment time to another child who may be waiting for therapy or prefer a different treatment time.

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